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Be grateful for what you have

As I was processing the photo above I thought of the idea of this post. About how grateful I am for so many things and in particularly with photography and I want to say thanks to those that support my photographic journey. Starting of course with my sweet wife Lulu, who convinced me to get back into photography a few years back when I switched from a small point and shoot to a Fuji Bridge camera and gently prodded me to get into photography more seriously. 

Thanks also goes out to those that like my photos enough to order prints and have them hanging on their walls. Its always such a good feeling knowing one of your photos is hanging and enjoyed by others.

(One a side note and something I seldom do, a marketing pitch. Pretty much any of my photos can be sold as prints. On this site there is a simple way to order prints at any size you wish.)

I would also be remiss to not mention my Daughter-in-Law Jeanne, who is also so supportive, helpful and motivates me no end. She gives good honest feedback on what she thinks of my photos in a constructive way and finally she is so kind that if I ever have too much photography equipment, such as have upgraded a camera and aren't using the previous one, she is always willing to take it off my hands to save me getting into a clutter...LOL :)

Secondly, my thoughts today are also related initially to being thankful to all those who follow my photos on the various social Sites, such as Facebook, Flickr, Google+ Instagram and Twitter (PS, if you wish to follow me on any of these sites check the links above this post).

I just want to make it clear that for me, a "Like", comment, or share of any of my posts is like a little pat on the back, especially the amazing kind and supportive comments I get are truly appreciated. They motivate me to keep getting out shooting and striving to improve my photos so please feel free keep them all coming. :)

The same goes for sharing my posts. I am always happy for more people to share my photos of course. I think I am fairly safe in saying that applies to most photographers on social media. Do the same for other peoples photos you see and enjoy, the photographer will appreciate it.

Feedback is always welcome whether it be ideas of places to go, what kind of shots you would like to see more of or if you want to see a different twist in my editing skills.

I also do welcome feedback whether ideas of places to go to and get photos or feedback and thoughts of my photos, all I ask is keep it civil and in a nice tone

For example here is a couple of recent comments I received:

"Nice, just wondered have you considered trying this shot  it in black and white

and another"

"This is very cool, but personally I think I would prefer it in just straight black and white, not sure the orange cones add to the shot"

Both of these comments give me something to think about for future shots and are appreciated.

So my thoughts on giving any sort of feedback, be kind and respectful in a positive way. I find then it is taken well by most people with gratitude.

A funky sunset

Here's a funky fun unrelasitc shot I did from a time-lapse series of photos one night. I know this wont be to everyone's taste but leads me to this final thought.

Some people feel they can say things on social media that they would never say in person. Remember, there are real people at the other end, even on social media. If you like something, "Like", comment and or share it for others to see. If you don't particularly like it, scroll on by, there lots more to see on the web.

Now for some spring shots as promised a few chapters ago.

Signs of Spring in Long Island City

Daffodils in Dartmouth, MA

Spring in Milford, CT

And with all that said, this post come to an end. Thanks for visiting!

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