TSU, Me and the Top of the Rock - Singing With Light

For this Blog post I will touch on three things.

First, I will talk a little about a new site I have been using for a couple of months  and give my thoughts. 

Secondly, or maybe it will be third, to only be read by those who make it through the whole blog will be a little about me as requested by a few people recently.

And thirdly, after working in NYC for over 15 years in total, I finally made it to the Top of the Rock (Rockerfeller Centre). We had some family visit so I will share some shots from there.

Deleted the bit on TSU it is no more 

Van Goghs Ear

Above is a photo of an Art Piece that was called Van Gogh's ear. Like myself, you may think it looks more like a swimming pool standing on its end. Well that's because you would be right, it is exactly that! I think but the Artist called it Van Gogh's Ear and I guess those more arty than me liked it and hence why it was there.

Top of the Rock View

Above are a few shots from the view point at the Top of the Rock. It really is worth going up there, the views are amazing!

If you look closer at the Image on the bottom left, in the centre, you can see the New Years Ball. It looked so small from up there.

A couple of shots zoomed in a bit, one the left is the New years ball, and what caught my eye for the shot on the right is how many water tanks you can see in such a small area.


One thing I did notice while up there is its a popular spot for Selfies so I had to snap the photo above.

I also really noticed how green Central Park is as you can see in the next photo.


And that ends my little photo tour of my visit there.

Now I did promise to tell a little bit about me so here goes. Do not expect to much, I am very public with my photos but on myself I am actually fairly shy and a private person.

Hmm where do a start? I am originally from New Zealand, but haven't lived there for over 25 years. I would like to think I am young at heart so I like to think I am 21 years old with 35 years experience but do have to admit some mornings when I get up and my old bones ache I feel my real age.

Growing up as a boy I remember dreaming  of visiting a couple of countries namely England and the US but never really thought it would happen but fate and luck intervened and I have been lucky to travel a lot to both of those countries and about 60 more. Its been a great experience, some of the countries I have been to are ones people would never most likely have on their wishlist of places to visit but I am glad I was fortunate enough to have been to them as it gives one a good perspective and appreciate what one has.

One downside of the travels is I have been unlucky enough to catch the odd Illness that  although treated have lingering effect sand slows me down a little so my travelling days are over but I enjoyed travelling while I could. :)

Photography has always been an interest of mine since my late teens. I had a film camera back then but the box with it got lost in a move and I let the hobby go till about 2007 when I got back into it. I haven't done any formal photography courses just learnt by trial and error and research online.

I have also been asked what field I work in. I started off as a radio technician and slowly have migrated over the years into network support, then to network management and security which I am currently doing now.

Well I think that's more than enough about me. Thanks for those who read this far I think I am far better at taking photos than writing.

As always, feel free to share if you have friends who may enjoy seeing this.

Feedback and thoughts for future blog posts are welcomed.

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