Mondo Pond Trails

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I thought for this post I would take you on a little photo tour of the Mondo Ponds trails in Milford, CT.

Its a beautiful, fairly small, walking trail around a few ponds. Very relaxing and refreshing to walk around.

A friend of ours took us there once and I visit it regularly now just to chill, relax and of course, often take photos.

Its actually a bit of a hidden gem. I am surprised when I have posted photos from there how many ask where it is, but that may change now because Subway HQ, which is right by the ponds. Recently after one of the staff discovered the ponds and trails worked with Milford City and have upgraded some of the paths and made quite a bit of an improvement so hats of to Subway and a couple of local news sites for sharing the story. Perhaps more will discover and enjoy this beautiful spot.

Some photos from June this year

Above are a few shots from my recent walk there but it is beautiful any time of year.


As you can see, in winter it is still so beautiful and freezes over enough sometimes that people can skate and play ice hockey on it. In fact, I must say I have see more people there in winter than any other time of year.


In the fall, it is so beautiful when the colors all come out, quite spectacular at times.

You have probably noticed the reflections on the pond in many of the shots, its great for reflections so for my photos that's something I love as well. :) 

I will finish off with a few detail shots of leaves, dragonflies and other details.

Thanks for reading and looking thus far and if you live in the area and haven't been there I really recommend you take a walk there. :)

As always, feel free to share if you have friends who may enjoy seeing this.

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