The falls and City Hall

One of my favorite spots in downtown Milford, CT is the Duck Pond and City Hall area. I thought I would share a few shots of this area at different times and different styles of photos.

Even in Winter the area has such a charm

As you can see in the above photo, even in Winter its a beautiful spot.

Now let me share some shots of the falls themselves and show you the different shutter speeds and how they effect water flow.

The following three shots were taken on a tripod with a longer exposure from 1 to a few seconds, which gives a nice silky look to the water but almost impossible to do holding a camera physically with your hands.

Long Exposures the silky feel

The next few photos are taken with a quicker shutter speed which freezes the motion of the water. As you can see, quite a difference from the long exposures photos above.

Freezing the action of the water

      I will finish off with a few more photos of this area in Milford, CT.

      If you have any questions on long or normal exposures feel free to ask.


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