I have  been giving some thought to starting and keeping up with a regular blog post on this site.

Not 100% sure yet of what I will include in each blog, or the interval, thinking about monthly to start and if it goes well maybe switching to weekly.

I am starting the first post with some shots taken and processed in the last couple of weeks. I went with a more artistic style of processing and will explain a little of my thoughts on why I choose to process these ones this way.

All these photos were taken with the Sony A6000 and most with the Kit lens.

Double Check

For this first photo I went with the Double Check Statue in Zucotti Park. I found the statue interesting but found the people walking by detracted from focusing on the it, so I kept the statue itself with my normal style but overlayed a painterly feel to the background and people.

59th Street Bridge

The above photos are taken beside the 59th Street Bridge on the Long Island City side. These photos were taken at a slightly different angle and I have given a different feel to each shot. Originally with the plan of only keeping one of the versions but I quite like both and couldn't decide which one to let go so kept them.

For both what really caught my eye was the underside of the bridge's patterns and details. The top one I went overall with a painterly feel and the bottom one I used selective coloring to bring focus on the bridge.

Pepsi Sign

This  Pepsi sign, I decided to just keep the color on the Pepsi sign itself and went monochrome for the backgroundand. I will finish off this post with a few other shots from this week processed with a more artistic style.

Thanks for visiting and taking the time to make it to the end of this my first blog post.

Any feedback thoughts or comments would be truly appreciated.

  • Singingwithlight

    on April 6, 2016

    Thanks Jeanne really appreciate your support

  • Jeanne Araujo Simpson

    on April 6, 2016

    Great job! You are truly talented and it is great to finally have a view from inside your mind describing the why behind the photo!

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