This weeks post will be mainly photos of a visit I did last Friday evening to the Blood Sweat and Gears Cruise and thought i would share some of the photos

If you want to see the rest of the photo's go to this album

I know some like a tip so here's one for this week, wherever possible try to avoid your shadow being on the subject such as the photo below

Of course its not always possible to avoid but if possible move to a different angle for a better shot without the shadow 

Try to keep your own shadow out of the photo

Untitled photo

A few of the cars

A few more

As well as shots of the cars themselves I like looking for interesting details and got a few this time  as you can see in the next few photos

And that's all for this post, don't forget to visit the album if you want to see all the photos or see the photos larger

Feel free to share if you have friends who you think may like to see this post

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