I have been a bit slack of recent for the last couple of months with doing a blog. I have had a bit going on and just haven't had the time or any ideas for a post, but with some recent shots around the city of some of the art on the streets I have seen I thought it would make a worthwhile post.

One of the things a love about strolling around NYC is you never know what you will come across and see particular with some interesting street art. Such as the current art on Display on Broadway in the Garment District. Here are some shots of them and a write up from the Garment District page.

The Garment District Alliance is thrilled to welcome Fancy Animal Carnival, by renowned Taiwanese contemporary artist Hung Yi as the latest part of our Art on the Plazas program. This series of eleven pieces featuring massive colorful animals will arrive on September 20th and remain here on to brighten our Autumn and Winter through April 15th, on the pedestrian plazas between 36th and 41st Streets. Each of the animal sculptures represents a narrative, expressed through traditional Taiwanese symbols and motifs believed to bring luck. The painted patterns reflect on folk culture and religion, as well as the artist’s personal experiences and observations of people’s everyday lives.

Art on Broadway between 36th and 41st street

Also, here are a few shots of an installation that was in Union Square and something I found online describing it.

South African artist Lionel Smit's public art installation Morphous.

Morphous, a bronze sculpture, is an exploration of hybrid identity and its ever-changing nature within South Africa’s social landscape. This particular piece evokes a question of time, of past and future, and the balance point at which the artist's country finds itself as it embarks on its next chapter. The “double-vision” depicted is a foretelling and an acknowledgement of what has already passed, a societal commentary without judgment.


NYC also has a lot of Street Art and or Graffiti in various parts of the city, here are some shots of some in First Park.

First Park art

Some more shots of some street art I thought was cool, most of these are one second Ave near to 1st Street.


And to finish of this post, even some of the trucks and Vans in NYC are very colorful as this last shot will show.

Thanks for visiting and viewing this post

PS if your interested in Calender's for 2017 check out the link below where i have a couple of options :) 


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