Black and white or color

For today's blog post I thought I would take you on a little tour of the High Line in NYC.

You may ask what The High Line is, well the High Line is a 1.45-mile-long New York City linear park, built in Manhattan, on an elevated section of a disused New York Central Railroad spur called the West Side Line.

Its a great place for a stroll with some great views as I hope you will see with the following photos.

But, first a question. I have been asked a couple of times recently is how do I choose which photos to do B&W and or color.

Well the simple answer is "I am not sure there is a simple answer...LOL

Sorry, that's the truth with me, its just a feeling a get when looking at a photo and how I will process it.

But after taking a look through some of my photos, I think even though its perhaps not a conscious decision, I think there are some things that make me decide which to process in black and white.

Take for example, these first two photo's of the Sleepwalker Statue on the High Line. The one on the left I went with color because I liked the fresh greens in the background, where as the one on the right wasn't as colorful and had some nice contrasts in the building behind which I wanted to accentuate.

Color or Black and White

Above are another couple of shots. Me being me, I like to mix it up so the one on the left, I went with mainly B&W but brought used selective coloring to keep the reds and oranges. Wheres as the one on the right, i went for normal color.

OK, enough of my babbling and now on to the tour.

Some Shots of the Highline walkway

Some art and views on the walk

Some views from the Highline in B&W


And that brings me to the end of my little walk along the High Line in NYC.

As always, if you want to see the photos larger click on any one and it will open the gallery where there are a few more photos.

Prints are available if interested from the gallery.

Please feel free to share if you think you have friends or family who may like seeing this.

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