A little tour of Milford CT - Singing With Light

Relaxing on the beach

For this weeks post I thought I would take you on a little tour of some of my favorite spots by the water here in Milford, CT where I live. I hope you will see through this post why I love living here.

Remember, if you want to see more photos of any spot or larger versions click on any photo and it will open the gallery for that spot.

First stop on the tour will be a spot I go to often, Gulf Beach.

Gulf Beach

Gulf Beach is great for relaxing, going for a swim, catching a sunset and also a popular spot for fishing and sailing as these next few photos will show.

Now I will share some shots of Silver Sands State Park and Beach, another beautiful spot to take a stroll along the beach very calming and relaxing.

A few photos from other spots by the water in Milford, CT. There are so many beautiful beaches here trust me its well worth a visit.

Thanks for joining me on this little tour of Milford, CT.

Please feel free to share for friends to see.

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